Vng pledges to save 160 million leaked zing id accounts

VNG Corporation has just announced that it discovered a post on an international forums with the confidential information on 160 million Zing ID accounts on April 26.

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The information about the information leak of VNG’s Zing ID accounts seen on the Internet

Immediately, all proper methods were exercised to seal the leak và increase security on all accounts of the service.

Accordingly, from the evening of April 26, thanks to the timely warning of cyber security experts in Vietphái nam, the VNG technical team used suitable tools khổng lồ analyze the situation & discovered that this leak was similar to lớn the one happening in năm ngoái, when 160 million Zing ID accounts had had the risk of being leaked out & affecting the files of the company’s gamers.

In năm ngoái, ZING ID was the customer management system for all game accounts of VNG. When the threat of 160 million Zing ID accounts being leaked was posed, VNG timely implemented proper methods khổng lồ handle the situation to prevent potential attacks và minimize the number of affected users via technical tools.

After that unfortunate event, nearly 99 percent of the mentioned Zing ID accounts have sầu not had any new activity for the last one year.

Since the 2015 problem, realizing that cyber security matters have sầu become more & more complicated, VNG has always focused on protecting customers by continuously expanding the cyber security team, upgrading the technical infrastructure with lachạy thử security technologies, cooperating with the cyber security community in the nation.

As a result, VNG has never encountered similar issues until the sự kiện of 160 million Zing ID accounts being leaked on April 26 & 27.

"We urgently implemented immediate solutions such as verifying information, increasing our game security, discussing khổng lồ adopt a long-term plan lớn fully address the issue based on protecting customers’ right. And we bởi sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this event”, said VNG representatives.

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VNG also stated that the scale of customers being affected by this issue was not large, mostly focusing on gamers but not users of other products of VNG. The company will update the status of its solution khổng lồ the press soon.

In addition, VNG has just guaranteed that it would ensure the safety of its users, immediately solve sầu any problems arisen. It also hoped that its customers would cooperate with the technical team khổng lồ protect their own sensitive sầu information by following detailed guidelines sent lớn them when beginning using the company’s services.