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Even as we wait lớn hear more details from Yamaha India regarding the arrival of the NMax 155, the Japanese manufacturer is preparing to launch the 2021 NMax 125 in its domestic market. The scooter will be launched on June 28 at a starting price of 3,68,000 Yen, around Rs 2.46 lakh, without Indian customs and taxes.

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In essence, the two NMax scooters are virtually the same with the primary difference being the powerplant. The NMax 155 sold in South-East Asia uses the R15 v3-sourced 155cc motor that’s available in their neck of the woods and also in India. For the 125, Yamaha makes use of the 125cc liquid-cooled mill from the European-spec R125, XSR125, & MT-125.

While Yamaha has been selling the NMax 125 in Japan for quite some time, the 2021 iteration gets smartphone connectivity, engine start-stop system, và traction control. The last bit is somewhat a gimmick as you really vì chưng not need traction control for a puny 125cc mill that makes only 12PS và 11Nm.

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Nevertheless, Yamaha has managed to keep the essence of the maxi-scooter format intact on the NMax 125. It gets a large toàn thân, comfy ergos, loads of underseat storage space, & plush ride unique.

Yamaha India seems to be taking things really slow with the NMax 155, in fact, plans for its launch were thwarted long before COVID-19 even came inlớn the picture. Will the Japanese bikemaker build an Indian-ised version of the same, just like it has done with the FZ-X? Would you like khổng lồ see a NMax 125 with the motor from the Ray ZR125? Let us know on our social media channels.

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