PriceMileageEngineTransmissionFuel TypeSeating Capacity
₹ 11.66 Lakh onwards
14.36 to 21.45 kmpl
1364 lớn 1798 cc
Manual & Automatic
Petrol và Diesel
5 Seater

Toyota Corolla Altis <2011-2014> Price:

Toyota Corolla Altis <2011-2014> price starts at ₹ 11.66 Lakh & goes upkhổng lồ ₹ 16.57 Lakh. The price of Petrol variant for Corolla Altis <2011-2014> ranges between ₹ 11.66 Lakh - ₹ 16.57 Lakh và the price of Diesel variant for Corolla Altis <2011-2014> ranges between ₹ 12.77 Lakh - ₹ 13.80 Lakh.

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Toyota Corolla Altis <2011-2014> Versions:

Corolla Altis <2011-2014> is available in 14 variants. Out of these 14 variants, 12 are Manual and 2 are Automatic.

Toyota Corolla Altis <2011-2014> Colours:

Corolla Altis <2011-2014> is offered in 6 colours: Silver Mica Metallic, Blue Metallic, Champagne Mica Metallic, White Pearl Mica, Blaông chồng Mica và Super White ll. However, some of these colours are available in specific versions.

Toyota Corolla Altis <2011-2014> Competitors:

Corolla Altis <2011-2014> is competing against Hyundai Elantra, Hondomain authority City, Hondomain authority All New City, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Volkswagen Vento lớn, Hyundai Vermãng cầu, Skodomain authority Octavia, Toyota Yaris and Volkswagene T-Roc.
Toyota has given the Corolla Altis, the leader in the entry-level D-segment a mid life nâng cấp. It gets revised exteriors and a new gearbox option as well. We drive sầu it to lớn see if it"s any better.


The Corolla"s looks have sầu freshened up


What’s the highest-selling car in the world? It isn’t a small hatchbaông xã lượt thích you would’ve imagined, but it is Japanese. If Wikipedia is lớn be believed, a Corolla has been sold every forty seconds. Over the last forty years. India has had the Corolla since early 2002, và it was a sensible, practical car. It appealed khổng lồ the masses with its inoffensive styling and all was good with the world. One fine day, Hondomain authority decided to lớn crash the các buổi tiệc nhỏ with the Civic. It wasn’t a pretty sight; at least, not from Toyota’s point of view. A few years later, the Corolla Altis is here lớn show the Civic who’s boss. Does it succeed?



Conventional silhouette will keep the conservative consumer happy


The Altis is a massive improvement over the old Corolla as far as looks are concerned. Where the elder sibling was organic shapes and flowing lines, the new one is in-yer-face và modern. The front resembles the Camry, right from the ‘comet’ hình ảnh sản phẩm to the katana-blade headlamps. The protệp tin is typical three-box sedan, but the A-pillar and C-pillar flow inlớn the horizontal hood and boot with a lot of elegance. The rear looks just a wee bit dowdy, but all is forgiven when the nicely-designed tail-lamps light up. The paint unique is superb, but there is a slight shade difference between the metal and plastic bits that irks us. It doesn’t grab eyeballs like the elder sibling does, but it is certainly worlds better than the old Corolla, và we find it hard to imagine how Toyota could have made the oto look better without losing its target audience.

Interior, Comfort


Leather & kém chất lượng wood 3D ambience. Lots of thoughtful little touches will make owner feel good.


The Altis’ interiors are… Inoffensive. Make no mistake, we aren’t rubbishing them. This oto has got lots of space (more than the older car, although it doesn’t seem that way!) A pleasant, upmarket-looking center console possesses kém chất lượng wood bits and neatly-designed air-nhỏ controls. We particularly like the ‘eyebrow’ lights the recirculate và heater buttons have. The color combination of the plastics is sensible và pleasant.


The twin-pod instrument cluster houses a speedometer and tachometer, with fuel & temperature gau ges on the outside ofthe two instrument gauges. The dials are clear & easy lớn read, and the red-on-Trắng lighting is clearer than most color combinations on offer in the market. The lights dim when the headlamps are switched on, & there is an intensity adjuster for those with sensitive sầu retinae. The digital readout shows ambient temperature, the odometer, two tripmeters, & in the automatic, gear position, among other things.

There is enough legroom for a basketball forward in the front row with the seats all the way baông chồng, but when he’s seated, the people in the bachồng will feel just a wee bit cramped. Getting in & out of the car is not as easy as it used to be with the old car, since the Altis is slightly lower, and the seat squab is lower as well. The seats are very comfortable, & since there’s electric adjustment for every possible dimension except time, the driver won’t be complaining at all. The steering wheel tilts và telescopes a fair amount, making finding the perfect driving position a piece of cake. The buttons on the center console are easy lớn reach, placed logically & have good tactile feel. Fit và finish is typically Toyota – small, consistent panel gaps & quality of all the plastics remains the same throughout the car.

The audio system is a front-loading six-disc changer that can play mp3 & wma files. Its equaliser can take a little getting used khổng lồ, but radio reception is good. We wish there was an option for an audio system upgrade – it sounds lượt thích the speakers are letting down the system. There are numerous small cubbyholes for passengers to place knick-knacks; our favourite is the novel slots that can hold điện thoại phones at the bottom of the centre console, lớn the sides. The glovebox is also worth a mention – it has an upper và lower compartment which can be opened separately, making life in the Corolla easier. Other thoughtful touches are the controls on the steering wheel, và the rear sun blind on the automatic & the top-spec manual. The boot is large enough for a couple of medium-sized suitcases & a little more.


We love sầu the way the engine responds lớn our right foot

Engine & Drivetrain

The engine in the Altis is essentially the same engine from the older car, but both power và torque have sầu increased from 125bhp and 158Nm to lớn 132bhp & 170Nm. It is installed transversely và drives the front wheels. It utilises a DOHC mated to four valves per cylinder, and Toyota’s respected VVT-i variable-valve timing system.

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This is, without a doubt, one of the most responsive sầu powerplants we’ve sầu come across. Floor the throttle in any gear at any tốc độ, and there’s a momentary hesitation while the oto makes sure you really want to lớn give sầu it the beans, & then it gets up & goes, no questions asked. Our figures show in-gear times of 4.5 seconds from 30-50kph in third gear, which is quite impressive. This goes on with no drop in pulling power worth mentioning right up lớn the redline. Shifting at 6500rpm up from first to second, we experienced a strange bogging – shifting at 6000rpm, the power peak, solved the problem. Refinement is as good as only a Toyota can be – hushed, with a muted growl near the redline that does sound like the engine’s not quite enjoying spinning so fast.

The five-speed manual has a positive sầu feel and slots inlớn gear well, but hurry the shifts too much and you might miss second to lớn third. The lever is well-designed with short throws, but we’d rather stiông chồng it in a particular gear và let the engine vày the work.

Fuel economy

Over a cycle consisting mostly of highway driving, we managed to lớn achieve almost 11kpl with the manual và 8.5kpl with the automatic, which are good figures for a oto of the Corolla’s size, weight & power output


The Altis is more for the chauffeur than the owner who drives.

Ride và Handling, Steering

The Corolla rides well at low speeds, swallowing bumps and ridges well. Up speed, và the oto doesn’t chiến bại composure over bumps. However, this great ride chất lượng compromises the handling – the Corolla is uninspiring in a corner, the toàn thân roll and steering feel making the driver feel like slowing down, because there aren’t too many smiles lớn be got by pressing on. Grip levels are high, although mid-corner bumps taken at speed unsettle the car. The steering is made for comfortable progress through traffic, which robs it of feel. Change direction in a hurry & the Corolla complies, but you get the sense that it isn’t happy darting around.

Ground clearance has reduced by four millimeters, but the chin is quite low, so owners will have sầu khổng lồ keep that in mind while driving around. The old oto had a high chin that let drivers make off-road excursions with ease.

The Altis makes a good fist of safety features. We wish it had better rubber, though.

Braking, Tyres, Safety

The brakes on the Corolla are powerful enough to lớn haul the Corolla down lớn a standstill from 80kph in 28.6 metres & 2.8 seconds with no fuss, thanks to lớn ABS with EBD being present. The pedal offers linear resistance và decent amounts of feedbachồng.Bridgestone supplies their Turanza ER300 for the Altis. The 195/65 R15s have good grip and help the ride, but can get noisy at speed.

Two airbags, one each for the front seat occupants, are present. ABS with EBD helps you steer should you stomp on the middle pedal, besides bringing you to a stop in the shordemo possible distance. The anti-glare rear-view mirror is a boon when driving at night. The driver’s side window has something called ‘jam protection’, which while not preventing smears from sticky, sweet foodstuffs, helps khổng lồ prsự kiện people’s fingers getting caught in an upward-rolling window.

The Altis is a value-for-money proposition from Toyota


Toyota Kirloskar has never priced its products competitively – the respect the Toyota badge earns is enough to lớn keep customers coming in, despite the slightly high prices. The Altis bucks that trover, and offers an awful lot of equipment for the money: the base model retails at Rs 11.32 lakh, và the top-spec automatic costs Rs 13.43 lakh, ex-showroom, Mumbai. The Civic is keeping the Altis honest, but rumours of a January price hike are already doing the rounds, so book your oto quickly if you intend khổng lồ get yourself this mid-size Toyota.

Overall evaluation

The Corolla Altis makes a very good case for itself – there are a lot of references to lớn its epic battle with the Civic being bandied about, but one should rethành viên that the two cars cater lớn different kinds of owners. A Civic owner will want a sporty car that he’ll want to drive sầu. The Corolla owner merely wants a car that will take hlặng from point A khổng lồ B in comfort while making a style statement. The Altis does that admirably, & makes no bones about the car it is. The Altis doesn’t suffer from an identity crisis; it has stayed true khổng lồ its roots despite conventional wisdom dictating otherwise. That’s why it has earned the respect it has over four decades. That’s why we lượt thích it – for what it unashamedly is.