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We have been utilizing the many services offered by Vision Transportation for over trăng tròn years, such as transportation to and from the United States, domestic transportation, 3rd party storage, port program assistance as well as the receipt/storage/picking & shipping of our winter wheel program across the country. Their reliability, flexibility & dedication are some of the reasons why we have sầu enjoyed such a rewarding working relationship for so many years.What sets Vision Transportation apart from their competitors is in their name, “VISION”. From my experience while working with their team, they have developed new services based on the needs of their clients which was determined through their communication, knowledge of the industry as well as their willingness to adapt or take chances.We have sầu been experiencing significant growth, we have sầu been fortunate lớn have partners such as Vision Transportation to lớn assist us with the many challenges associated with such tremendous growth & I would highly recommover them lớn any company looking for a professional approach to their logistics requirements.

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NathanWarehouse Manager


Vision Transportation has been a dedicated partner for Mevotech for over 10 years in warehousing, transportation khổng lồ the United States and reverse logistics. Vision strives khổng lồ be a reliable và dedicated partner & their partnership has made a significant difference to lớn our business. We have sầu experienced remarkable contribution from Vision in our business growth with the innovative sầu ideas, dynamic solutions, và sustainable communication. Also, Vision’s engaging & professional sales, customer service, và operation team stream the transportation process và facilitates to lớn overcome any challenges through the teamwork và interactive communication channel.

I would lượt thích to lớn extkết thúc my appreciation to the engaging, creative & reliable team at Vision & wish continued success in their business.

MahnazLogistics ManagerMevotech LP



Vision Transportation offers an exceptional level of service. Requests for bookings, availability & tracings are all answered lightning fast – usually we get an answer bachồng within 5 minutes of sending an gmail. Tony & the entire operations staff are always up front và honest about what they can bởi & how they can do it. They have been proactive in helping with solutions for not only us but our customers as well. They work towards solutions khổng lồ avoid problems before they become problems, but if there is a problem they are always available và willing khổng lồ go the extra mile khổng lồ resolve sầu it quickly. The extremely fast, friendly, no-nonsense, và reliable way of doing business has made Vision our most trusted transportation partner. We hold them in a higher class than any other carriers, and would recommover them to anyone.

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RonDavid Roberts Food Corporation

Vision Transportation has continuously proven khổng lồ be a valuable partner in its contribution lớn Mazdomain authority Canada achieving its customer service objectives, by delivering highly consistent cost effective sầu transportation solutions. Vision’s team based approach khổng lồ satisfying their client’s needs separates them from other competition, whenever services are needed which require them lớn go above sầu and beyond.Honesty, integrity và a true “CAN DO” attitude are the main reasons why Mazdomain authority Canada would not hesitate to recommkết thúc Vision Transportation as a primary service provider.MichelleMazda Canada Inc.

We have brought Vision Transport on board as a Broker in năm nhâm thìn and our hassle with full container shipment was over. In our busy period when we need 2-3 containers per week và to lớn avoid any delay Vision offered to drop a unit & replace it every time one was picked up. This has help us tremendously. Our order were shipped out on time & our customers were a lot happier lớn receive sầu their order sooner. I would recommover Vision Transport to any one requiring full container services.

ShardaFleming BaronASSA ABLOY Door Group

“Vision Transportation offers a cấp độ of service unparalleled in the transportation industry. Request for quotes, availability & track and trace are always answered with a quiông chồng response. Staff is great khổng lồ work with và all of our needs are handled with the utmost professionalism.”

MelanieGrodan Traffic SupervisorROCKWOOL

We have been working with the team at Vision since 1995. Our business is chất lượng in that most products we bring in from the U.S are already sold & we have sầu anxious dealers waiting to lớn take delivery. As well it can have a high seasonal dem& which adds extra pressure to lớn look after. Vision has come up with quality ways lớn handle our business; they use Intermodal on lanes not traditionally used on. It provides us with cost certainty and capađô thị year round for our high volumes. We also have sầu a lot of specialized & oversized loads which again, Vision has been able to look after. While no one is perfect, Vision has no issues stepping up & taking ownership of issues and doing what it takes lớn ensure our freight moves on time when we need it.I would highly recommkết thúc Vision to anyone. They work very hard khổng lồ help make our lives a little easier.DanielNational Purchasing & Logistics ManagerKubota Canadomain authority Ltd.