How to make zip/postal code optional for checkout in magento 2

I am using Magneto 1.7, I want to make zip/postal code not require (optional) in customer form. When I add new customer address or edit customer address .I need to remove zip/postal as optional. I do Google lots of and found some solution like below and remove the client side validation form these file but this solution is not working for me.

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I am also giving the screen shot of the customer form where I need to make the zip code not require!<1>

Please suggest me how can I make zip/postal code as optionalThanks


We have in built feature in Magento to Specify Countries for Optional Postal Code. Using this feature you can select countries from which you want to remove validation.

You can access this option after logged in admin panel. From Top Navigation System >> Configuration >> General. In Countries Options Group you can find the dropdown with named " Postal Code is Optional for the following countries ".

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Hope this help!!


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