2018 honda pcx125


2018 Honda PCX 125 specifications, pictures, reviews & rating

2018 Hondomain authority PCX 125 . Picture credits - Honda. Submit more pictures.
2018 Hondomain authority PCX 125
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Honda"s profilation of this bike
Right brain, meet left brain. The right brain is all about the fun things in life. The left brain is all about logic. So how vì chưng you keep both sides happy? Simple: just choose a 2018 Honda PCX150.

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General informationEngine và transmission
Model:Honda PCX 125
Price as new:US$ 3599. MSRPhường depends on country, taxes, accessories, etc.
Rating: 3.4 View the detailed rating of value for money, design và look, reliability, etc. Compare with any other bike.
Displacement:125.0 ccm (7.63 cubic inches)
Engine type:Single cylinder, four-stroke
Power:11.5 HP.. (8.4 kW))
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Rating sample for this Hondomain authority bike
Fun-factor for the 2018 Honda PCX 125 :
(77.5 out of 100)Click here for complete rating.
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