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Headquarters Atsugi AXT Main Tower 12F, 3050 Okada Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa 243-0021
Date of Establishment November 1985
CEO Tooru Segoshi
Business Contents The consignment of the kiến thiết drafting & data preparation of automobiles, other machinery,their related equipment, and electric/electronic equipment. The consignment of the kiểm tra và measurement relating khổng lồ the above. The consignment of the translation of the thiết kế drawings etc. of automobiles, other machinery,& their related equipment, electric/electronic equipment. The provision of công nghệ relating to lớn the above sầu & all ancillary business. The invention, device, kiến thiết, know-how và technical information relating to lớn the above andancillary business. Business relating to lớn the above sầu, & worker dispatch business targeting other business.
Number of Employees 3,084(as of April 2021)
Sales 50.7 billion yen (FY2019)
Main Customer NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.
Affiliated Company NISSAN AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY VIET NAM CO., LTD. 〈Number of Employees:2,430(as of April 2021)〉

Change in sales



1985 Nov. NISSAN TECHNO CO., LTD. was established as a kiến thiết specialty company lớn strengthen the development structure of the Nissan Group.
1999 Nov. CAD Design Headquarters established as an expert department for CAD kiến thiết.(Yokohama Center established.)
2000 Jan. Tochigi Center established.
2001 Jun. NISSAN TECHNO VIET NAM CO., LTD. established.
2002 Atruyền thông quảng cáo. To consolidate of kiến thiết và CAD kiến thiết sections.(Tomei Atsugi Center established.)
2005 Apr. Merger with NS DESIGN CO., LTD. (Hiratsuka Center established.)
2006 Atruyền thông quảng cáo.

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Integration with the NISSAN KOHKI CO., LTD. Development Section.(Samukawa Center established.)
Oct. Vehicle testing business consignment started(Tochigi PG Center established.)
2015 Nov. 30th Anniversary of the founding.
2017 Oct. Merger with NISSAN MOTOR LIGHT TRUCK CO., LTD.
Nov. Mizushima Office established.
2018 Jan. Changed its corporate name to lớn NISSAN AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
Feb. Changed its corporate name lớn NISSAN AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY VIET NAM CO., LTD.

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2020 Aquảng bá. Integration with the AICHI MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. development section. (Nagoya, Eitoku, Oe, Minato lớn Center established.)