The potential for e-commerce in the Middle East has been written on for a number of years. Payment platform, PayFort expects the e-commerce market for the region will double khổng lồ $69 billion by 20trăng tròn led by UAE và Saudi Arabia. While a good bit of the growth is expected lớn come from services, the movement of physical online goods is anticipated lớn grow as well.

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As the potential transforms into reality, the Middle East’s infrastructure has stepped up khổng lồ address this anticipated growth for the region as well as to become a major global cross-border hub.

The Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA), the economic zone that encompasses Dubai International Airport & the surrounding area, is developing the world’s first commerce platsize for miễn phí zones that will allow companies from around the globe to lớn connect & trade via Dubai. The platform, dubbed Dubai Blinks, will utilize artificial intelligence, blockchain công nghệ & virtual business licenses. According to DAFZA, the initiative will enable companies, regardless of kích cỡ or location to lớn mix up digital businesses in Dubai không tính phí zones without the need lớn maintain a physical presence there.

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Indeed, the entity has already signed an agreement with South Korea’s Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority (DGFEZA) to increase collaboration particularly in the areas of information công nghệ, innovation, cross-border e-commerce, shipping và logistics.

An additional announcement was recently made & one in which could redefine cross-border e-commerce. Alibaba’s logistics subsidiary, Cainiao will partner with Emirates SkyCargo lớn grow the Chinese online retail e-commerce giant’s global logistics infrastructure. Alibatía is looking khổng lồ build its logistics & supply chain capabilities to lớn be able to deliver anywhere in China within 24 hours, & across the globe within 72 hours. The Middle East looks khổng lồ be a pivotal location for this grvà plan. According to lớn the announcement, Emirates SkyCargo will handle e-commerce shipments on behalf of Cainiao in the Middle East. Emirates SkyCargo’s potential could not only link Asia to lớn the Middle East but also the Middle East to lớn Europe creating another transportation option.

An interesting AMEinfo article suggest the potential of a shakeup among mỏi regional players such as Noon & Souq which was acquired by Amazon in 2017. If anything, this lakiểm tra announcement will bring an expanded selection of goods to Middle East consumers và thus help encourage the growth of e-commerce. However, the battle within the region, could & most likely, will shift lớn the last mile. In an area where traditional address codes vary or are non-existent as well as additional infrastructure concerns, this may be where e-commerce success in the Middle East will truly be determined.