Encyclopedia là gì

a book or phối of books containing many articles arranged in alphabetical order that giảm giá khuyến mãi either with the whole of human knowledge or with a particular part of it, or a similar phối of articles on the internet:

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a large collection of information about one or many subjects, often arranged alphabetically in articles in a book or phối of books, or available through a computer
A special subgroup, possibly the most important for the study of science & philosophy, are the tri-partite encyclopedias.
He shone in conferences because he had a fantastic memory for facts about theatre - he was an unindexed encyclopedia of world theatre.
The most common results, then, are books that are something like dictionaries, something like encyclopedias &, often, something like cabinets of curiosities.
Theoretical diversity also matches the substantive sầu diversity of contemporary western politics, which is (despite the editors stated contrary intention) the primary focus of this encyclopedia.
Never mind these uppity modern digraphs: words lượt thích encyclopedia, anaemia etc rejoiced in proper diphthongs during my formative sầu years.
Rather, encyclopedias became reflexive; they described themselves as the science of science - which presupposed that science existed independently of encyclopedias.
Having noted some positive points, let me now turn to lớn some problematic aspects of this encyclopedia.
Teachers of family history will also find this encyclopedia a useful way to lớn keep abreast of scholarship from the 1990s.
It takes time and effort khổng lồ discover that there is no information since, being an encyclopedia, there is no index.

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I knew that, even if my tenure committee accepted the legitimacy of "public philosophy," they would not consider encyclopedia entries significant retìm kiếm.
A profusion of encyclopedias và collectanea was produced to satisfy this thirst for broad learning.
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