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Cách Chạy Masternode Là Gì? Hướng Dẫn Tìm Masternode Tốt Nhất


DISCLAIMER: This guide assumes a basic knowledge of Putty & Linux & comfortable in dealing with commvà line commands. We are not responsible for any loss for using this guide without the pre-requisite knowledge. Do not proceed with this guide if you have sầu any doubts and turn lớn a masternode provider.

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List of masternode Providers (arranged in alphabetical order)

These providers have sầu informed us that they are hosting tradequangngai.com.vn masternode hosting services. These are recommended if you don"https://tradequangngai.com.vn/cach-chay-masternode/imager_1_39611_700.jpgt have sầu the technical expertise lớn follow these instructions.

We vì not endorse or recommkết thúc any particular masternode provider (even those run by team members) & none of these are affiliated lớn tradequangngai.com.vn in anyway.

Do your own due diligence when picking them. Some masternode providers may be run by team members in their own personal capacity but shall not be considered an official tradequangngai.com.vn provider. We will dedanh sách providers that are reported as scams or have acted irresponsibly but hold no responsibility for having them listed in this danh sách as it is impossible for us lớn police.

You should only need khổng lồ provide your address that you collateraled your tradequangngai.com.vn in or the transaction ID. You should NEVER need to collateral 1000 tradequangngai.com.vn to them or khổng lồ an address outside your PC/mac wallet or lớn give sầu any of your private keys (that is obtained via dumpprivkey). Here"https://tradequangnsợi.com.vn/cach-chay-masternode/imager_1_39611_700.jpgs an alphabetical list:

Getting Started

Whether you are hosting with a masternode provider or doing it on your own, ensure you have the lademo tradequangngai.com.vn wallet và you have sầu already obtained your 1000 tradequangngai.com.vn (preferably just a bit more lớn cover fees when you"https://tradequangntua.com.vn/cach-chay-masternode/imager_1_39611_700.jpgre transferring around). Steps 1 & 2 are still required even if you are going for a masternode provider.

Step 1: Encrypt và Backup your wallet on your Desktop wallet

If you haven"https://tradequangntua.com.vn/cach-chay-masternode/imager_1_39611_700.jpgt done so already, make sure you encrypt your wallet on your local desktop wallet (PC/Mac/Linux).

Go khổng lồ Settings > Encrypt Wallet.


After you have encrypted your wallet, it is also recommended lớn vì a backup via File > Backup Wallet. It is recommended to lớn store this wallet on a separate physical drive sầu or pen drive. The wallet.dat is encrypted so even if the wallet.dat is exposed, if your password is long enough, it will be secure.

Please don"https://tradequangngai.com.vn/cach-chay-masternode/imager_1_39611_700.jpgt forget your password! No one can help you if you đại bại your password.

Step 2: collateral your 1000 tradequangngai.com.vn on your Desktop wallet

Your collateral address is where you will be storing your 1000 tradequangngai.com.vn.

You can create the collateral address in two ways: using the Receive tab, OR in the Debug Window

Receive tab:

Click on the Receive tab. Enter a label for your collateral address in the Label field và click on Request Payment. A window should pop up with a tradequangngai.com.vn address.

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Debug Window:

Go khổng lồ Help > Debug Window > Console và type in


In one single transaction, send exactly 1000 tradequangngai.com.vn into lớn the masternode collateral address that you created. Do not skết thúc 500 and then another 500. It has to lớn be in one single transaction. Do not tichồng subtract fee from amount.

It is not recommended khổng lồ send it direct from an exchange as they might deduct certain withdrawal fees resulting in less than 1000 tradequangngai.com.vn in that transfer.

Wait 1 confirmation for this transaction khổng lồ be valid as your masternode collateral. When done correctly, the transaction id và transaction index will appear when you exeđáng yêu this comm& in the Debug Console:

evoznode outputs

Special Notes only for those who are creating more than one masternode:

If you are doing more than one masternode, special care is required to lớn ensure that you are creating collaterals properly. You vị not want lớn break the previous 1000 tradequangngai.com.vn collateral you just made by taking funds from that collateral.

To do this, on your local desktop wallet turn on coin control by going to lớn Settings > Options > Wallet and clichồng on Enable coin control features. This will enable control of which funds you are using when making your next 1000 tradequangngai.com.vn collateral.


Then go to lớn your Skết thúc tab, & you will see Coin Control Features. Cliông chồng on Inputs. You should see your 1000 tradequangngai.com.vn collateral there. Right clichồng và click Loông xã Unspent. This means that when making your new collateral, your wallet will not touch these funds.


Once you have done this, you can make the next 1000 tradequangngai.com.vn collateral for your next masternode. Repeat this everytime you have made a new masternode.

You can always verify you"https://tradequangntua.com.vn/cach-chay-masternode/imager_1_39611_700.jpgre doing this correctly by going into Help > Debug Window and typing evoznode outputs which would display all masternode capable collaterals.

Step 3: Creating ownerAddress, payoutAddress, feeSourceAddress và operatorKey/operatorPubKey

a, b, & c can be generated through Receive sầu tab or the Debug Window, just like the collateral address above.

a. ownerAddress

Proof that you own the masternode. Must be in the same wallet as collateral. DON"https://tradequangntua.com.vn/cach-chay-masternode/imager_1_39611_700.jpgT SEND COINS TO THE OWNERADDRESS. DON"https://tradequangnsợi.com.vn/cach-chay-masternode/imager_1_39611_700.jpgT USE IT AS PAYOUT ADDRESS. DO NOT USE THIS ADDRESS FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE!

b. payoutAddress

Address the masternode will pay out lớn. Can be inside the same wallet or an external address.

c. feeSourceAddress

An address with funds to lớn pay the transaction fee for registering your masternode. To get a menu of addresses with funds, enter the following command in the Debug Window:

listaddressbalances 0.01

If you vày not have sầu any, you can create an address và send some tradequangngai.com.vns there. You can then use the address as feeSourceAddress.

d. operatorKey/operatorPubKey

In Debug Console, enter bls generate. The output will be similar lớn this: