Blockchain việt nam


"Not only will they talk about the program they are developing, but also about the business Mã Sản Phẩm."

CTO, MGC Project


Digital Lab - Web & di động apps

“The Amaris team’s greakiểm tra ability is their rapid adaptation in the face of unexpected change.”

IT Business Partner, Solar Energy Company

QSoft Vietphái nam

One Stop Destination For All Software Needs



Affordable Software Development


Dwarves Foundation

Helping tech startups build world-class products

Dandelion Labs is a blockchain hàng hóa and research agency creating meaningful experiences to power the next generation of decentralized commerce. 

Agile Lab became what we are today since 2005, on the realisation how painful it was in reality to develop và grow a great software. Along the way, we have sầu been pivoting, trying out new technologies...

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With 22 years of experience in providing R&D services lớn leading companies worldwide, TMA Solutions has intensive experience & capabilities to lớn bring your products & solutions lớn a new level...


We are a team of programmers who passionately want lớn provide the best technological solutions lớn make your vision a reality.

Reco Manpower - a Vietnamese recruitment agency specializing in the Information Technology field. Established in 2019, rooted from a 10-year experienced internal IT Talent Acquisition, with…

Starbap is a team of experienced professionals, who excel at solving various business challenges. We provide end-to-end software solutions và tư vấn for your business.

We are a global giải pháp công nghệ consulting firm focusing on next generation applications using emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI & IoT. Based in Toronto, Canadomain authority và Ho Chi Minc City,...


With years of experience in digital and online platforms, Adaptive sầu Media is able khổng lồ bring the best innovation & công nghệ strategies lớn your business. We specialise in startups and rich truyền thông...

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TP&Phường is a leading, highly diversified và pioneering IT service provider and IT investment management firm based in Viet Nam. TP&P. applies its deep experience and specialized expertise across...


We help new Start-ups and established companies to lớn flourish! A bunch of professional domain experts teamed up together under the umbrella of Lobster. We have sầu one thing in comtháng, that we value our...


If you"re looking for competitive sầu outsourcing software development service for your project, you"ve landed in the right place. At Hachinet, we offer you the opportunity to lớn hire dedicated developers,...


ICTS is a Vietnam-based software development boutique that focuses on cutting-edge technologies. Our 20- engineer team specialize in custom CRM/ERPhường. software for businesses who wish to optimize...


TechHub aims to be a community of inclusivity and connectivity that empowers both IT talents và businesses on a global scale.

Over the last 7 years, we have developed a wide range of thiết bị di động applications using Objective-C, Swift, Realm, AWS including apps for startup companies & small businesses. Our core value is...

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We helps partners maximize efficiency and exedễ thương ideas by accompanying and building software solutions that match their needs

ZABITECH is founded by experienced professionals in the IT industry. We have sầu spent years working in many MNC in various positions from technology, sale, innovation, lớn finance, management. We...


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