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Poketháng GO maps và trackers were launched soon after the initial release of the game itself. Since the beginning, Niantic’s disavowed said maps and trackers, suggesting that the game should be played only with the software and hardware they provide for không tính tiền (or for sale). Because of this, most maps & trackers have sầu been shut down due khổng lồ legal action on the part of Niantic – but some have survived!

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Today we’re going khổng lồ look at the Poketháng GO maps & trackers that’ve survived the last half-decade of action in the Pokemon GO universe. With this set of maps & trackers, you should be able lớn enhance your Poketháng GO experience, not only with seeking và finding Poketháng, but in interacting with Pokemon Gym locations và Pokestops, too.

POGOMap with nest migrations

If you’re looking for the best simple web browser-based bản đồ in the world, look no further than POGOMap. They’ve been keeping up with the tracking of PokeStops, Poketháng GO Gym locations, & Pokemon Nest migrations for years!

If you do head over khổng lồ POGOMap dot info, you’ll see an advertisement on the left just below a Social Account Login. You bởi NOT need to log in lớn benefit from the features of the POGOMap system. You might also want to lớn take a look at their Discord, linked up top!

PokeHunter with Raid Battles

If you’re looking for the best map system for the tracking of Pokemon Gym locations specifically, the PokeHunter site is where it’s at. This system shows each Pokemon Gym location around your location, complete with Raid quái dị information. That means times, sizes of Pokemon, and movesets.

The PokeHunter system shows which team is defending which Pokemon Gym, when Raid Battles are about lớn start, and which Poketháng are in said Raid Battles. It’s a rather ingenious system that’s fully stocked with graphics that make the whole experience fun và interesting. You can visit this site at PokeHunter dot CO right now.

GO MAP for Poketháng tracking

If you came lớn seek out Pokemon in the wild, GO Map is your meal ticket. With GO Map it’s like the banning of Poketháng bản đồ trackers never happened. It’s SURPRISING that this site even exists in the first place. Now, if only I could SEE WHAT’S GOING ON!

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If you head over to Pokebản đồ (GO MAP) now, you’ll have sầu an easier time of using the tool if you live in an area that’s a sweet spot between sparcely populated and densely populated. Unfortunate for users in big cities, there’s so much going on in Poketháng GO now that it’s difficult lớn navigate all the data!

The Silph Road for league Discords

If you’re looking for a community of Poketháng GO players near you, head over khổng lồ the Silph Road bản đồ showing all the Poketháng GO communities around the world. Most of these communities listed are still active, and updates ARE made lớn this danh sách when new Discords pop up.

The Silph Road is also the most excellent community in & of itself for Pokemon GO game analyzation, research, và gameplay. If you’re looking for specifics, that’s the place lớn go.


This is not the first time we’ve sầu made a danh mục of currently-active Poketháng GO maps, trackers, & associated groups. And it won’t be the last! On tradequangngai.com.vn we’ve sầu been covering Poketháng GO action since before the first public launch of the game! As some of the first testers of the game before launch, we’ve remained dedicated lớn the game & the players ever since! Take a peek at the

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